Monday, February 28, 2011


Camellias are a wonderful spirit-boosting contribution to Southern winter gardens. They don't 'work for a living' - the C. japonica cultivars are far from their native roots, producing flowers that are lovely, but not ecologically functional.

Professor Sargent camellia
But, the old camellias around our house are now in full flower, and the Professor Sargent in front is fabulous.


  1. I am hoping mine will have a bud or two open, many got hit by the freeze. :-(

  2. I always regret not buying one of the beautiful White and pink hybrids when we visited the Lost Gardens of Helligan, Cornwall, England a few years back. Okay, of limited wildlife use but what wonderful spring flowers!

  3. It looks like this will be a good year for camellias here in the Southern U.S.

    They're wonderful additions to a winter garden, even if drought-tolerance and longevity are their main attractions in terms of sustainable gardening!


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