A family affair

Mocha waiting during a photo session
We don't have children, but we have had great dogs.  (Not to mention our contributions to teaching lots of children and students, in any case). Mocha, our second, is an old boy now, pushing eleven years old.  His predecessor, Chessie, another Golden, was a wonderful guy -- Mocha's spirit brother.

Mocha has been with Tim through the entire book process, waiting patiently during photo shoots, lying in the study during long book writing sessions and edits, and providing diversion by wanting to have his ball thrown NOW, or wanting to drink from the magic faucet (from the tub).

He'll stand there waiting for one of us to turn on the tap.

But, it's reminded me to say that all of the proceeds of Tim's Wildflowers and Plant Communities book will be going to plant conservation initiatives in the regions that his book covers.


  1. We let Mocha go today (3/14/2011) after a bout with encephalitis/meningitis and maybe a brain tumor as the underlying cause.

    He was a great dog, and will be missed.


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