A book arrives...

Woo, hoo!  Advance copies of my gardening companion's book, Wildflowers and Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachians and Piedmont arrived unexpectedly today.  Totally amazing.  We knew that the availability date had been pushed up to mid-March, thanks to Amazon and UNC Press, but didn't expect receiving hardback and paperback copies today.

It's so remarkable to see an idea transformed into a wonderful book through many (almost 10) years of hard work.  Tim's created something that's a significant contribution to encouraging folks to learn more about plants and plant communities in our part of the world.  It's something to be proud of, and I'm so proud of him. 

It's not easy to write a book - I've done two relatively small ones, the second with a team, and they're a LOT of work.  It takes discipline and a willingness to work long hours, not to mention honing the narrative, taking better photos, proofing the ms, etc. etc.

On this book (it's over 500 pages), I've been the first reader and editor and photo manager (and supportive spouse, too, along with Mocha, who accompanied Tim on his photo excursions, serving as the 'bear dog'-- hmmm). So, it's a labor of love all around.

So I've got a big grin on my face this evening.  What a pleasure to welcome a book into circulation, both in print and in digital form (in progress)!


  1. Lisa,

    This is exciting! I knew nothing about it. Guess Meg will be getting a gift soon! I helped edit photos for SCAN's book several years ago. Are you a SCAN member? SCAN = South Carolina Area Naturalists.

  2. Randy,
    We're SCAN members, but I'm afraid we haven't been very active in participating on field trips or anything else. They've done great things!


  3. Lisa, This is fabulous and I see it covers my part of the garden! Tell Tim congrats! gail

  4. Am new to reading your sharing.
    Recently moved back to my country property next to the woods in Northern Tennessee - and started my gardens.
    Put an order in for this book.

  5. Thanks for the comments -- it's a really nice book.


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