It's onion planting time

Encouraged by Randy's comment, and looking forward to spring-like weather this weekend, I'm going to plant at least half of my onion sets.  The soil is ready, so it'll be easy to tuck them in.

I have intermediate day-length samplers from Dixondale Farms --collections of red, sweet, and white onions that should do well in our daylengths in the Piedmont of South Carolina.  I thought I had ordered a short day sampler, too, but apparently not, checking the bunches that are waiting in the mud room.  But my intermediate samplers should do well  -- I've enjoyed our fresh onions in the past -- and we're solidly in the intermediate daylength zone.

dormant onion seedlings (
Yes, onions are cheap to buy. But fresh, juicy onions directly from the garden are definitely a treat.  And maybe I'll even have some to store this year.