Sunday, July 4, 2010

Window plants

We have an unusual window nook in our small house in the mountains.  The designer (and previous owner) of the house didn't have anything in it, as far as I remember, and there was an code-required (but easily removed) stair railing that was visible beyond the window nook, creating a odd horizontal focal point.

Dwarf conifers and succulent
We've had succulents, dwarf conifers, and a Madagascar palm in the pots; the latter succumbed to cold winter temperatures, so the pots were down to three.

My gardening companion just added back a dwarf grey-foliaged pine that had been part of the original four brought back from the Garden Writers conference in Portland a couple of years ago (from Iseli Nursery).

It had been in the ground near the big scarlet oak, but looks much more appropriate in the window nook.

The Heucheras, Celadine poppy, and sunflower are doing well along the house's edge, too.


  1. Hi,
    The window nook is very nice and your mountain home is beautiful.

    I found your blog about a month ago when my husband mentioned he may apply for a position within his company that would have us moving to upstate S. Carolina. I've never been so I started researching.

    Now it's official. We're moving. I'm currently in Wisconsin and have never gardened in anything but zone 5. Can you recommend some books for Carolina gardening that I can look at while I await the move?

    I have similar interests as you. Natural gardens for wildlife and veggie gardens.
    Thank you!

  2. Hello, C-
    I'm sure you'll really enjoy our MUCH longer gardening season in Zone 7b in the Upstate.

    I'd recommend Month by Month Gardening in SC by Bob Polomski as an excellent reference for basic gardening in South Carolina, but Gardening with Native Plants of the South (Sally and Andy Wasowski) is my favorite reference for wildlife-friendly native plants.

    Our CU factsheets (and those from neighboring states - NC and GA) are excellent for vegetable gardening advice.

    Welcome, and feel free to contact me via my website/work e-mail address.



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