More Buffalo gardens

Summer Street cottages
The Cottage District (Summer Street and 16th Street) was our morning destination for the Garden Bloggers Buffa10 meet-up.

These areas are totally packed during Garden Walk, for good reason.

Apparently, there are lines to visit every garden, and the streets are mobbed with visitors.

We made an enthusiastic group despite the showers.

Aren't the color combinations remarkable? (But the garden designer is color-blind!)
Uh, my photo doesn't do justice to the artistry of this garden vignette.

A vibrant seating area

A remarkable use of shelf fungi as planters for sedums -  they're attached by screws to the fence.
Charming houses and cottages, mostly rehabbed, with delightful gardens made for a great time.  Even the bit of rain just cooled things off.


  1. beautiful - very inspirational little jewel boxes of gardens. thanks for sharing.


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