Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buffalo gardens and a doggy spa

I had a great time poking around gardens in the Allentown neighborhood, prior to the reception and dinner for the Garden Bloggers meetup. 

It's a lovely thing to see folks with small pocket gardens pack them with plants and revel in the warm summer weather (even if it seems exceptionally warm this year).  Thank goodness that I'm used to a warm humid summer climate...not that it's my favorite, to be sure.

My favorite sighting was this small planting, with a nice water bowl included.


  1. Oh, I missed this one! I have two goldens, they would love it here, it's so much cooler than home.

  2. I missed that sign too, but I only have cats. I loved the shade on these neighborhood streets, and I think cats and dogs have looked for shade on these hot days.

  3. I missed this sign, too, but I only have cats. I loved the shady neighborhoods - which I am sure appealed to all neighborhood cats and dogs as well.


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