Monday, July 5, 2010

Elementary school gardens

I've visited a lot of elementary schools over the years, and I've been involved in improving schoolyard habitats, too, but I haven't run across a more interesting (and charming) school landscape than the gardens at this neighborhood experiential magnet school in Asheville, NC.

Isaac Dickson Elementary School probably was a low-income school, as it's near a housing project, but I don't know that for sure.

What I see now is a fabulous vegetable garden, complete with chickens and a cob wood-fired oven, great gardens outside classrooms, and a wonderful meadow entrance garden that's a NC Wild site.

Totally great, and I'd love to help out in their gardens...


  1. A local elementary school here in Alexandria has a similar garden, but much much smaller. Think of all the future gardeners these are inspiring, and teaching about natives and interdependencies.

  2. What an inspiration! And think how much those kids will learn about the environment. I wish I'd seen it.


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