Buffalo gardens and Lockwoods Garden Center

Respite garden for AIDS Community Services
Succulent house at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
It's been a great time in Buffalo visiting gardens, with fellow gardeners and garden bloggers, during Garden Bloggers Buffa10.

It's delightful to get to know many fellow garden bloggers in person, whether I 'knew' them before from their blogs, or not.

I love the sense of exuberance and celebration in the Buffalo gardens that we've seen and enjoyed the diversity of architectural styles in the neighborhoods and districts that we've visited (and am inspired by Garden Walk and the sense of community that it encourages).

Visiting the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens was delightful, both for the plants and the historic nature of the conservatory.

I could barely restrain myself from buying LOTS of plants at Lockwoods, an excellent garden center with an impressive diversity of plants.
Lockwoods display

And do click on the photos for larger images
A beautiful morning glory in the AIDS Community Services garden


  1. One of my best friends got married at the Buffalo Botanical Garden!

    Best wedding photo, ever:


  2. Wouldn't take much to go broke there!

  3. aloha,

    i loved the posts you did of the event. what a special place buffalo is, who knew...don't you love whole communities that really foster this ideal...wow!

  4. Exuberance and celebration is a good way to describe the gardens of Buffalo. They certainly buoyed my spirits. I was able to limit myself to only 1 plant at Lockwoods by reminding myself that whatever I bought had to fit in my suitcase.


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