Monday, July 12, 2010

Buffalo food: a postscript

The lovely gardens that we saw and the inspirational participation in Buffalo's Garden Walk (I keep thinking about the 350+ gardeners that have volunteered their gardens to be visited -- wow) weren't the only outstanding aspects of Buffalo.

We weren't able eat at that many restaurants (we were a big group), but our catered dinners at the 20th Century Club were delicious, and the lunch at Rue Franklin was  outstanding. 

Normally only open for dinner, Rue Franklin served up an amazing lunch.  The shrimp salad that many of us had was not only a work of art (I need Bonnie's photo to document that), but each bite was deliciously different.

Rue Franklin window view with orchid

There were grilled shrimp, red-roasted potato wedges, onions, and haricots verte (woo-hoo, I was going to write green beans, but they were WAY better than 'regular' green beans) on a delicious bed of salad greens dressed with someting delightful.

It was a long way from my college town in Upstate SC.


  1. Lisa, it was so great to meet and talk with you. I'm still so busy processing the gardens we saw that I've sort of forgotten about how great the food was. You're right - that salad... mmmmmhmmmm.
    -kris at Blithewold

  2. I had the vegetarian salad and it was one of the best salads I've ever eaten. It was unbelievably good. Someone asked me what the dressing was, and honestly, I could not tell them because it so perfectly blended with the vegetables. And then the owner gave us some cheese to go with our salads, and it was absolute cheese heaven!

  3. Wasn't it ever delicious! I also had the vegetarian salad, with a bite of chicken from a generous friend. How was the ride home? gail

  4. Kris, wasn't it a great time? The food (although not as important as the gardens, was a revelation. And Rue Franklin was totally amazing.

    I'm with you. It WAS one of the best salads I've ever had. Yum. I don't think I've ever made a post about a restaurant before!

    Gail, I'm about to post about a visit to Fallingwater -- a remarkable place. But I did have a lovely drive home, although it was more than I'd ever plan on a normal 'trip.'

  5. I understand that fresh tarragon was the principal ingredient in the salad dressing. I loved it too. That's why I like Rue Franklin--the subtlety. There is all too little of that in the world of food these days.


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