Saturday, July 31, 2010

A lovely Phlox cultivar

An interesting side benefit of going to Garden Writers Association conferences are the free plants;  they're fabulous, to be sure.  We're still enjoying the Iseli Nursery dwarf conifers from Portland a couple of years ago.  They're wonderful, and were the only plants that I brought home to the Carolinas.

Last year's conference in Raleigh was within driving distance, but I remember what I bought at Plant Delights and Niche Gardens more than what we were given.

Penstemon 'Pensham Elanor Young'
But Blooms of Bressingham sent me (as well as many others) lots of small plants ready to trial.

This Penstemon 'Pesham Elanor Young' is a standout in our raised beds, which are nutrient-rich.  The flowers are lovely, the foliage is attractive, and they're going to transplanted to the front meadow.

Hopefully they'll be tough, too!

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