Thursday, July 22, 2010

A rainbow of vegetables

recently harvested tomatoes (with sunflowers)
The tomatoes are producing in abundance now -  the Cherokee Purples, Sweet Million, Sungold, Costoluto Genovese, Grandma Mary's Paste tomatoes,  Summer Feast selections, and Big Beef.

I'm also harvesting yard-long beans, Emerite filet beans, zucchini,  ruby chard, 'pizza' and 'red cherry' peppers as they ripen,  and Ichiban eggplant.

Periodically, I harvest some baby leeks, too, and probably will harvest most of them at 1/2 inch in diameter; that's not the granddaddy size of supermarket leeks, but they'll be deliciously flavorful, and more importantly, will make space for fall crops of beets, lettuce, spinach, and greens.

I'm thinking I'm going to greatly enrich my vegetable beds at home in the Piedmont, adding much more nutrient-rich composted manure than I have in the past.  I thought I'd been adding plenty, but obviously it decomposes more rapidly in our summer heat than I thought.

I love the gray foliage of the leeks in the vegetable beds;  they make a nice contrast to the darker green  of the peppers and tomatoes.

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  1. Yes, you do have a rainbow of vegetables. Your tomatoes look yummy. Can't wait for mine to ripen. Getting lots of fruit, but having been able to harvest any yet.


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