Out in the woods

I had a lovely hike this morning in nearby woods, near Lake Issaqueena in the Clemson University Experimental Forest. I was with a friend who shares my love of nature as well as a keen interest in getting others interested too. Delightful.

A wonderful restored forest area (through natural succession), it was worn-out cotton and corn fields back in the 1930's, when the federal government (in the US) provided buyouts to farmers. The lake was used for bombing practice during World War II, but is peaceful today.

The upper loop seems like you're in the mountains -- there's mountain laurel, rhododendron, beech, and a diversity of hardwoods.

I spent the afternoon digging in my (satellite) vegetable garden, adding composted manure, compost, etc. and then went to a sustainability forum on campus. How encouraging and what a nice way to spend a day.

I was on one of my 5 furlough days for this spring (my employer HAS to balance the budget), but this was a delight. I hope the rest of my 'off' days are so productive!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I 'got' to work in the extension office all day.

  2. Sorry about the furlough, but envy the morning hike. I was at the dentist most of the day, longing to be outside!

  3. It was such a lovely day -- and perfect to spend outside. A gift for us in early March. I'm so glad that I was able to be outside.


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