Saturday, March 7, 2009

A late winter camellia flower

An unusually warm sunny day and seedlings popping up (snow pea, spinach, lettuce, and mustard) have me thinking spring is just about here. I saw the first (native) spring wildflowers on Friday: a single trout lily, a small bloodroot flower (where hundreds will be later), and several Oconee Bells (a locally rare species that's a regional treasure).

But late this afternoon, this lone camellia flower was blooming in view of the kitchen window. Only last weekend, these branches were bent down by the weight of the wet, heavy late window snow.


  1. Very pretty Lisa. Planting my lettuces tomorrow. We are having great weather for the next couple of days. Hard to believe last Monday was snow and ice.

  2. Great interview on the news. I enjoyed it very much and am following your blog.


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