Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More thoughts on a White House vegetable garden

Maybe I didn't realize quite how remarkable this was before, but this piece in the NY Times was eye-opening. 60 years?

Hmm, no wonder there was a campaign going to encourage the next inhabitants of the White House to 'Eat the View.'

And thank goodness that Michele Obama is willing to give it a try, although I was touched to see her photo with the kids from a local elementary literally digging up the lawn, accompanied by one of the White House chefs, too. None of their garb seemed suitable for gardening, nor does turning over turf necessarily create a good garden. But, they'll learn, and enjoy the fruits of gardening, to be sure.


  1. They are making an impressive mark in Washington. I am pleased to see DC school children involved, with hope they will continue to be 'hands on' in the garden. What a wonderful example!

  2. I was totally touched by a photo of totally inexperienced gardeners: from the White House chefs to Michelle Obama, and a group of schoolchildren, they weren't suitably dressed, didn't have proper gardening implements, and were delightful in their inspiration!


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