Monday, March 23, 2009

Potato planting time

Veronica flowering in the shed border

A lovely spring day, in the perfect potato planting window for us (Mar. 15-30), was a great opportunity to spend a day working in the garden. It was another furlough day, but one that was an excellent day to spend outdoors after a weekend of 'inside' learning.

I planted one large bed the conventional way, putting the cut seed potatoes (from Wood Prairie Farm) about 2-3 inches deep, with the sprouts pointing up (of course), and then mulching them with straw.

But I thought I'd try a straw bale set, too, so put down cardboard, covered it with freshly harvested compost from one of the bins, put the cut pieces on top of the compost, and covered them with a 4-5 inch layer of old straw.

I had bought fresh straw bales to use, but decided to use the old bales around the compost bins instead, after a bit of web research. I needed to fluff the straw up a bit, but it'll dry out rapidly in the current weather.


  1. So exciting to plant.
    I can't wait to see photos of them when they sprout.

  2. Have you tried potatoes in a barrel? I'm going to do that this year. My first time attempting potatoes but space constraints require reuse of half barrel.

  3. I love the Veronica at the top of the post. Potatoes are something I have not grown...not sure why. Keep us posted on the taters.

  4. I opted not to try potatoes this year. I'm experimenting with enough things I guess.

    I'm new to gardening and wanted a way to keep track of everything I learn, so I started a blog:

    I'm following your blog now because it's obvious that you're experienced and because we're both in the upstate!

    Keep up the good updates. Thanks

  5. I'm really excited about my potatoes this year.

    And Gardeness, no, I haven't ever tried them in a barrel, but I imagine it would be quite productive for the space.

    And Janet, that Veronica is amazing -- I saw it last year and was entranced -- it's a great early spring flower.

    Gareth, good for you to keep track of what you're doing -- good luck with your garden....


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