Saturday, March 14, 2009

Herons & gardens

Great Blue Heron, taken by Gene Oleney, Fermilab,
used with permission in
The Nature of Clemson.

It's always a treat to watch Great Blue Herons flying over the backyard on their way to our nearby lakes. They stop at the ponds at the Garden, too. This morning, a group of us were lucky enough to see one catch and eat a small fish.

I wish we had a small pond as part of our wildlife habitat here at home. We've talked about it for quite awhile; considerations include muddy gardening assistants (ie Mocha), the expense and effort of excavating and lining a pond versus all of the wildlife benefits and pleasant aspects of having a continuous source of water in the garden.

My gardening companion (after hearing the cost estimates) always thinks that he'll dig it, but he's pretty darn busy to dig an entire pond in his 'free' time. I could dig a small pond, too, but it would be more like a largish-deep puddle in our heavy soil.

Hmm, seeing that heron today was inspiring. I probably could dig a pond big enough for frogs!


  1. Glad to hear that Great Blue Herons are in your area. Giant Pterodaktyls flying through the sky and squawking. The Snowy Egrets are fishing in our creek as well.

  2. Beautiful birds! I hear they have big appetites and your froggie pond would be empty! I have been trying to figure out how to get a water feature, too! It is now completely off my budget! gail

  3. Beautiful photo - great post. Great posts and pics about your area of South Carolina - beautiful country.

    I'll visit again - thanks!

  4. This is a beautiful shot. I'm an artist and would love to be able to use it to paint from. Can you tell me how you got permission? Thank you very much.


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