Sunday, March 1, 2009

A late winter snow

Snow is a matter of delight and concern for those of us who live in warmer winter climates.

Because we're so unused to snow, snow (or ice) days shut down schools, offices, and government buildings. Everyone stays home, hopefully warm, if the power is still on.

But, we're all still delighted to see the beauty of the snow cloaking trees, softening the landscape, and creating an unfamiliar wintry scene. And, we dash out to enjoy snowballs, sliding down slopes on cardboard, and other winter delights.

We've had lots of cold weather this winter, but no snow, so having large flakes pelting down late this afternoon and the prospects of 2-4 inches overnight was unexpected and fun to see, at least when you don't have to be traveling!

There was an Eastern Towhee pair kicking up mulch, foraging for seeds near the front stone path, as the snow came down. I wish I'd gotten a clear photo of them, but the light was already too dim.

The view from the porch was lovely, and a nice contrast to the view in warmer times.


  1. I love the view from your arch. It really draws the reader in.

  2. Machelle,
    Thanks for the nice comment - we love having lunch (on weekends) and dinner out on the porch from spring to fall, but it was lovely this evening as the snow came down.

  3. Lisa, we are getting the winds and ice right now. I forgot about this being a nor'easter...was wound up about the snow potential. Tide is really high right now...11PM and water up over the bulkhead. Hope we get a little snow time will tell.
    Your snow looks nice.


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