Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From winter to spring

Just in an afternoon, we've gone from winter to practically spring. Certainly, the early March snow persists in shady patches, but it was in the mid-50's (°F) this afternoon, so it shouldn't last much longer. And the prediction is for temperatures in the mid-70's for Saturday and Sunday.

It's hard to know what plants will make of this. It will depend on their genetic heritage, for sure, whether sudden (exceptional) warmth will encourage bud expansion or not. Most of our native plants are still dormant, an adaptive strategy that's probably serving them well in a changeable climate.


  1. The natives were the plants that survived our incredibly late freeze the spring of 2007...The big Bur Oak in front of my house didn't even bloom until afterwards. Smart tree!

  2. Well, you win some, you lose some. Due to the snow/ice I may lose a couple of very large rosemary bushes or at least they'll be reduced in size, but so goes it with tall woody shrubs in exposed areas. The sedum that had already come out quite prematurely seems untouched by the recent cold, however. I am hoping that the Bradford Pears that "beautify" the vinyl village will not bloom this year since budbreak was already well underway before the cold. And that it isn't too late for the peas I didn't get planted last week.


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