Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vegetable seedlings

Working out in the garden this morning (mostly weeding winter annuals), I was admiring my flats of salad mix, Asian greens, and young spinach and radicchio seedlings.

Of course, there are young plants in the ground, too, but the flats are particularly pretty!

It's so easy to sow mixes of lettuce and greens in flats or containers or window boxes, it's worth doing even if you aren't really a vegetable gardener.


  1. Sometimes we need to be told these things, several times, before we realize we can have fresh lettuce etc in our gardens! DUH! I could do this and will! Thank you...Btw, they do look good and healthy in the flats. gail

  2. There are many new gardeners who do not know you can grow your salad in a pot. Thanks for the post.

  3. I love the look of young lettuce in a container. I have always grown it in a beautiful rustic wooden barrel. Your lettuce looks beautiful!

  4. I like to use different lettuce mixes (mesclun mixes of various sorts) -- some of my favorite blends are Cook's Garden (winter and summer), Johnny's, Renee's Garden, and Botanical Interest, but my go-to mesclun mixes are usually Burpee's salad mixes --spicy, mild, etc., since they're usually easy to obtain during the growing season (at least early on!), and their germination rates are always good, in my experience.

    It's extraordinarily easy to grow lettuces in containers -- Zach, your wooden barrel with lettuces must be lovely, and Gail, do give it a try! You'll have fun with it. And Keewee, thanks for your comment! It is easy....


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