Not rainbow chard!

I acquired fall transplants in a quick trip to a local nursery in August with a gift card that I had from a couple of Zoom programs that I'd done for them. 

I bought a 4 pack labelled rainbow chard -- fair enough.  I thought it would be a good addition (it wasn't kale or collards, thankfully).

Ha -- it's turned out to be some sort of rosy-golden beet -- go figure.  And another 4 pack of argula obtained at the same time is producing very odd (very large) arugula leaves.  And the 4-packs of spinach are very slow to put out larger leaves.  Sowing seeds directly is always a better bet, I think.

But I now have spinach seedlings again, so maybe I can transplant those with a bit of success and do a bit of resowing as I remove the bean vines in the days ahead. 

All curious.

Basically, my vegetable garden has been fine over spring, summer and fall, so far, although hardly planned with appropriate varieties as I usually would have done.

Perhaps I'll sow some more arugula, winter cress, and mache after the beans are gone.  Hmm, maybe a bit of baby kale, too?  It might be welcome in December, and I'll be here to pull out the hoops and greenhouse film to cover the beds, after all. 

I'm not going anywhere.