A Celandine poppy leaf in fall

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Inktober Day 19: A celandine poppy leaf

Celandine poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) is a relatively uncommon woodland wildflower in the Eastern U.S.  Preferring rich, calcareous soil in its native habitat, it's readily adaptable to garden settings;  in our largely native plant garden, it self-sows readily.  The original plants were in the front of the house (and still are)  so we've moved seedlings to various places in the lower woodland.   The flowers are a welcome splash of yellow in spring and their robust leaves persist through fall, finally turning interesting shades of yellow as they senesce. 

I chose a leaf that had an interesting pattern for my Inktober drawing this afternoon.  Another challenging subject, but it's certainly interesting to see how things unfold.

Celandine poppy leaf

drawing and subject