Traveling home to Asheville

We now have two homes. Our place in Quebec feels like home, too.

A couple of nights before we left, we saw a red fox along a back road in St. Fabien-sur-Mer. Delightful.
Red fox at Saint-Fabian- sur-mer
Driving back to Asheville over the last two days, we’ve traveled by grain fields, along the St. Lawrence, down through the Adirondacks of NY State, skirted the flanks of NY City, through Pennsylvania, then through the rolling hills and mountains of the edge of Maryland, West Virginia, and now Virginia, staying overnight in Winchester.

But it still feels like we’re going home. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s flowering in the pocket meadow. It’s been rainy, so things are lush. I know the Silphiums are already in flower, based on our most recent Home Exchange visitor.

They’ll be deadheaded before we leave again, that’s for sure. They’re beautiful, but I don’t need to contend with seedlings everywhere in a small front garden....