A final foreign travel leg in a traveling year

I came across a two year-old post about the familiar dance of travel, while searching for something else. It’s familiar still; in this case, our HomeExchange partner will be in our house while we’re gone.  

Everything’s tidied up, nothing is moldering in the refrigerator, and plants are watered.  I was happy to put in some fall greens in empty spaces in my raised beds up front a couple of days ago. They were looking a bit bare just full of herbs, and our gardenening neighbor who’s keeping an eye on the garden suggested it — somehow it hadn’t crossed my mind, as I was going to be “away.”

On this trip, we’re going to a once familiar place, Freiburg, Germany. I spent 2 months in language school there over three decades ago. A university town, I loved it then, and a return trip was equally delightful 6 years ago on a self-guided garden visiting trip.

They’re calling to board now. Another adventure. At least I understand the language, as least reasonably, and can speak passably, too.