Coming home again

After two days in a wonderful gardening symposium (Speaking of Gardening, a benefit for Asheville GreenWorks, but sponsored generously by a number of local enterprises), I was glad to come home to what welcomes us now.

The pocket meadow is exuberant, somewhat edited now, with more editing to come before we leave for our last Home Exchange for awhile.

We'll literally be swapping space this time, with our Home Exchange partner here while we're in his space in Southern Germany.

Pocket meadow/pollinator garden up front
There's really nothing I don't like about this, pulling into the driveway, even though it does require editing (UH, isn't that was gardening is about?)

Some of the horticulturely-inclined speakers were beginning to talk in "editing" terms.  Bryce Lane, a horticulture professor, thankfully, was promoting "management, not maintenance."

Well, of course.  Gardens aren't static, whether they're naturalistic or not. Of course, we edit, not maintain gardens.  I'm glad he's now teaching that to young horticulture students!

For us, naturalistic gardening is all about editing, at least in the front borders that are my "gardens."

The "natural" woodland garden below the house, created by my gardening companion by eradicating invasives, hauling out trash, then planting appropriate woodland understory trees, shrubs and ground story species: well, it's fabulous; we've been partners in its transformation.