A visit to Staufen im Breisgau

The nearby medieval city of Staufen is a favorite of Rick Steves, an excellent traveler and guide to all things about European travel through the "back door."  He's a favorite of ours, through his podcasts primarily, but also through his travel guides.  So, when he mentions Staufen, just a short way outside of Freiburg as a destination, well, we'll join the other tourists there.  We weren't dissappointed.

It's a postcard-worthy town, from the Rathaus and Marktplatz:
The Rathaus (city hall)

 Charming streets with restored houses and businesses reflect its popularity (and prosperity).

A destination konditorei/confiserie/café, Café Decker, was mentioned in several places; in a country, where every small town seems to have several such places, it definitely was worth checking out.  We don't normally have afternoon cake, but it seemed like a good idea here.  Both were excellent!

cakes at Café Decker
We weren't hiking in the countryside today, but for folks staying in Staufen, there are myriad opportunities for walking and biking, as there are throughout the region.