We've had family visiting for the last few days.  Delightful!

But, it keeps raining.  Yikes.  This time of the year in the Southeastern U.S., we're normally worrying about watering.  Not this year.  It poured for about a hour this evening. Geez, what was that about?  I was soaked on a grocery store excursion.

As gardeners, we're always worried about having enough rain in August and September in this part of the world.


Up in Bas St. Laurent, there was finally a bit of rain, after a VERY long dry spell.

There's a lavender underneath those Solidagos!
So things are looking lush here, and I'm planning to rescue a lavender that's been overtopped by Solidago "Fireworks," planted last year after the telephone pole replacement.  The lavender will go into my raised beds up front -- they're devoted to herbs until I return in late September.