A welcoming neighborhood

In the community that is HomeExchange, we share our homes and exchange our neighborhoods.

I'm grateful that our Asheville neighborhood (and close neighbors) welcomed our latest HomeExchange visitor.  A key mishap turned into a welcoming trip to a local pub for a neighborhood gathering.  How nice is that?

We live on an urban street, with closely spaced houses, in a neighborhood close to downtown; we know who all of our neighbors are, we know some better than others, but all are familiar. That's lovely compared to our previous suburban life in a small college town, where we just knew a few of our immediate neighbors.

Similarly, here in Freiburg, we've been welcomed by the lowest floor downstairs neighbor, who assures us that she's there to ask if we have questions, etc.  And all of the folks we've talked to have been friendly, too -- that's the gift of travel, as well.

I'm grateful for the ability to travel and experience so many things -- it's expanded my world view and brought remarkable experiences as well.

Overlook trail in Parc National du Bic

There's always a road ahead, whether at home or somewhere else.