Returning home to Western North Carolina

A partially edited version of the front "pocket meadow"
Arriving home yesterday afternoon was a relief.  First, getting back from any kind of travel without problems is always a good thing. Second, it's been raining so much in the two months away, we figured our naturalistic garden would be fine, although we hoped it wasn't too overgrown.

But since we've had HomeExchange folks in the house, and neighbors keeping an eye on the garden, we were hopeful that things would be OK.

The good news was that everything was fine in the house and the garden was EXUBERANT.   Yikes.
There was barely room for my gardening companion's car in the driveway, much less my larger one.
And the native woodland garden behind the house -- well, it's lush and the trees are remarkably leafy and green.

The trees all over the city of Asheville seem like they've reveled in the rainy weather, looking much more robust and leafy than I remember from previous summers.