Thursday, March 15, 2012

WARM weather

I took a look at my posts from last year in March today (before a live call-in gardening program) and saw that I'd remarked on unusually warm temperature at 75° F.

It was 80°F today in Clemson, SC.  Yikes.

And I heard on a public radio report that high temperature records had been broken all over the Eastern U.S yesterday, too.  I think it was 535 records+ that were broken.

OK, I'm enjoying all the normal spring flowering trees (the redbuds are glorious now), but it's definitely weird to have overlap between natives and ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials with scrambled flowering times.

My go-to source for predictions is the U.S. Climate Monitoring website -- lots of great (scientifically-based) information there.

There was a report on the radio this evening (SC-ETV public radio) about the high temperature records.  They also mentioned in this piece that a warmer and drier spring was predicted. Hmmm.


  1. Hope they are wrong about the dry conditions. Rain would be welcome!

  2. 82--yep!--in Madison, WI yesterday.
    Unreal. We're trying to enjoy it but I keep looking at all those plants waking up too early...
    And all the students for whom early Spring Break is just too tempting!


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