Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring in the mountains

Throughout the Eastern U.S, we've had a mild winter and very early spring.  The mountains of Western North Carolina weren't an exception, with native woodland wildflowers flowering several weeks ahead of 'normal.'

On the last day of March, dogwoods are in full flower, redbuds are mostly passed, and native azaleas and Japanese azaleas are starting to be in full flower.  Tulips, Spanish bluebells, and other early spring stalwarts are well-along.

In front of our small house in the mountains, variegated tulips alternate with emerging Heuchera, flowering Aquilegia (Eastern Columbine) and Stylophorum (Wood Poppy).

Tulips and friends, end of March 2012
The sedum bed looks great, emerging from a winter 'rest.'

Sedum bed and front edges (end of March 2012)
An excursion to Biltmore this afternoon (aside from the fabulous tulip display, already in full swing -- Festival of Flowers is scheduled to begin on April 6), yielded wonderful views from the South Terrace. It's amazing that the view (this is just a small window) is remarkably free of development -- thanks to George Vanderbilt and his descendents, who have carefully 'preserved the view' that is the legacy of Biltmore Estate.

view from Biltmore's South Terrace

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