Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sassafras flowers are opening

I caught my first glimpse of opening sassafras flowers, sitting outside on our white chairs at lunch today (the white chairs are a favorite spot in spring and fall, as a porch alternative).  The flowers aren't yet fully open, but well along.

In full flower, they're wonderful.  It's a totally underused native tree in our Southern US landscapes - there are separate male and female trees, with their flower clusters looking quite similar.

Sassafras in flower
I've commented on sassafras before (a blog search brought up a number of interesting comments), but this post (from April 8, 2010) showed how beautiful they are in flower.  And this one commented on their fruits, valuable for migrating birds.

Sassafras also have attractive fall leaves (they turn a lovely yellow-gold to dark orange color).


  1. I bought a Sassafras sapling last fall and it doesn't look like it made it through the winter. Will have to amend the soil in that location and try again next year I think. Love Sassafras in the fall.

  2. Are sassafras flowers good attractants of butterflies? If yes, what certain butterflies do they attract?

    David Wofford
    Just click here for butterfly flowers

  3. Janet, hope you can try sassafras again. We've really enjoyed having ours.

    David, sassafras flowers are visited by bees and syrphid flies primarily, but sassafras leaves are caterpillar food for spicebush swallowtails and promethea moths. Other species may use the leaves, too.



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