Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's definitely here.  Achoo!  Oak catkins are overlapping with yellow buckeye flowers, and the explosion in growth of winter annuals has me lamenting the weed-whacking skills and mowing skills of my gardening companion here in the Piedmont.

He's on a mission documenting wildflowers along routes to waterfalls for his next book (largely in the mountains of Western North Carolina).  So he's absent in the gardening-care department. Lovely for him, as an early spring is meaning field work NOW is essential.

But I'm thinking I need to learn how to mow grass with our (darn) riding lawn mower.  Ugh. 

I've used a gasoline push lawn mower a couple of times (back in Georgia) when we were going back and forth for awhile. Hmm.  So, I'm quite spoiled in the lawn care department, I guess.  Our dogs (over the years) have loved the small patches of lawn that we have --  excellent ball-throwing territories.

Weed-whacking is another issue.  I need a small-sized weed whacker that I can actually use (not the tall gas-guzzling ones that I can barely carry, much less use: Tim is fine with the one we have, but it's not something that's easy for me to use).  Hey, I'm 5 ft., 2 in., ~ 110 lbs more or less -- uh, hello, gardening-tool folks, we're out here!

OK, I'm trying to clean up the landscape in front and behind the fence right now, and wishing that I had some help (absent my gardening companion).  Perhaps I'll be calling my neighbor who's in the landscaping business!

P.S.  You wouldn't want to see images for this post!

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