Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waiting for hummingbirds

The coral honeysuckle is well along; I noted the first open flowers on March 2 this year. This plant is looking pretty much in full flower, well ahead of schedule.  Last year, I posted a photo of this same plant in full flower at the end of April the previous year.  We have four -- the one in full dry sun is lagging behind the ones with a bit of shade, and the one outside the mud room door (in the shadiest spot) is just starting to flower.  But it's been one that has been outstanding in recent years (last year in particular).

Lonicera sempervirens next to the front gate
But the (very early male) hummingbirds are already being spotted, too -- check out the current map from Journey North to see what's happening today.  My coral honeysuckle flowers (Lonicera sempervirens) are ready for them.

This map was current on March 17, and notes a sighting in Raleigh, NC!  Wow!

Ruby-throated hummingbird sightings on Journey North, 3/17/2012

Another hummingbird tracking site at has similar data.

Click on both of these maps to get larger versions.

P.S. I'm really happy to be able to force my links to be green, instead of that generic blue.  Thanks, Blogger (aka Google).


  1. I have had my hummingbird feeders out for a couple days far no sightings. My coral honeysuckle isn't quite open yet, though it is loaded with buds.
    Looking forward to Spring Fling too!

  2. i saw a ruby throated hummingbird back in february, and i was excited that i might be able to count one in this year's great backyard bird count (in late feb). but wouldn't you know, i haven't seen once since. will have to refill the feeders and lure them back!


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