Friday, March 2, 2012

Coral honeysuckle

The coral honeysuckle plants are loaded with flower buds, and have the first open flowers.  I noticed that I saw the first open flowers at the same time last year (Mar. 2), but used a photo from a post from a previous year (when they were in full flower in late April).  Here it is again.  Lovely, don't you think?

mid-April Lonicera sempervirens
So where's my current photo, you might ask? 

My gardening companion has 'borrowed' 'my' versatile 18-200 lens to test (a very nice anti-vibration lens that I've been using on my old workhorse Nikon D100) and offered up the (very nice, too) Panasonic Lumix that he's been using, which has excellent optics, too, and that we started using while traveling, and he's kept using, instead of his (very nice) Nikon digital (with a macro lens).

Well, no, I'm thinking, not being one to embrace too much digital change at once (I'm currently trying to learn the various options for creating ebooks), but he's needing a lens to take mid-distance photos of waterfalls and plant communities, so I'd better be a good sport, I guess. (He also borrowed my previous lens to test, also a versatile one).  I like the 18-200 for its zoom abilities. 

I'm not a natural camera geek, but I suppose I could play around with the Panasonic!  My gardening companion has taken some fabulous photos with it.  I'm just used to looking through my view finder, not on the LCD 'screen.' 

Digital photography has been a wonderful addition to my observations of nature and gardens, so I'm happy about that!


  1. My coral honeysuckle isn't blooming yet, that I know of. Will have to look more closely in the morning.
    I have a pocket camera and a good camera. Need to get back to using the good one...brain is losing whatever I learned earlier.

  2. I am impressed and dazed by the photographic possibilities. I'll just enjoy the pictures! This one is especially nice to see-- reminds me of the Dropmore Scarlet I planted in SC that ate an arbor in two seasons and the new one I planted in WI last summer, currently under fresh snow.
    I think DScarlet is cross between the coral sempervirens and something else.

  3. Janet and CEN,
    The coral honeysuckle is coming along nicely, now. My gardening companion now seems to have the small camera back, too, as well as the lenses for my 'big' camera (still attached to one of them). Hmmm. Well, I don't think I'm going to start taking iPad photos anytime soon, so after the next wildflower excursion, I think I'll take my camera back!

    CEN, I'll have to look into the Dropmore Scarlet cultivar - I hadn't heard about it before. Thanks for the suggestion!



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