Monday, March 19, 2012

Eastern columbine

The first early flowers of Aquilegia canadensis (Eastern Columbine) have appeared in our Piedmont garden.  It's not in full flower, by any means, but this plant is well along.

Eastern Columbine, Piedmont SC, March 16
Aquilegia canadensis is another species that seems to be early this year, in a odd year full of juxtapositions of early and late flowers scrambled together.   I commented on Eastern Columbine being in full flower on April 11 last year.

In the mountains, the low is supposed to be 50°F tonight (the normal 'high' this time of year is about 59°F). 

Pleasant, of course, as the cherry trees are in full flower, along with all of the usual spring flowers -- just ahead of schedule, regardless of calendar spring being here this week.

But sobering, too, as the oddities of weather patterns that are driving this unusual warmth are grounded in ocean temperatures thousands of miles away.


  1. I have a deep purple columbine that I got from a dear friend decades ago. It is a great spreader, but so beautiful - and it is manageable.

  2. I have columbine foliage but no blooms yet. It's one of my favorite plants. Even though must plants and trees are budding and blooming earlier this year, I have a few that are later than usual - a strange season!


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