Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Views from the house

A view towards the porch.

A living room view

Out the front door

Many years ago, a couple of our longstanding volunteers suggested to me that views from your windows were important. It was a revelation.

She and her husband had transformed a normal suburban plot into something extraordinary, so I was listening. I don't think I 'd thought about that before.

The house where I grew up had a lovely view into the treetops from the living and dining rooms, thanks to protection of the woods surrounding the house. My parents weren't gardeners at all, but clearly chose the lot (because it was steep and wooded with natural Central Texas vegetation) to build the house based on the surroundings.

But I was thinking about the views from the windows this afternoon, as lovely fall light illuminated the landscape.


  1. Each window or door frames a great view. Your views are so peaceful.

  2. It is lovely from your doors and windows Lisa! Your house is charming and I can see it being a comfortable place to watch nature on a chilly day! We accidentally stumbled upon the views when we took walls down in our house and opened up the kitchen to the dining room...we could stand in one spot and see out intop the front and back was a lovely surprise. gail

  3. Isn't it amazing what thinking about the views from the windows will do?

    It is so different than what we started with (the view of the aluminum carport from the porch wasn't very nice).

    And, Gail, how nice to have views into your lovely gardens now that you've removed some walls.

    The fellow we bought our house from actually left his window blinds down all the time. But I guess that he didn't think there was much to look at?

  4. Beautiful. Your house is charming! Thanks for sharing!


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