Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A cool September day

The beginning of the month felt like fall. Quite amazing. The air was cool, the breeze was stiff, and it definitely wasn't 'Indian summer.'

This has not been a bad summer for us in the Southeastern U.S.; the heat wasn't stifling, nor endless. Driblets of rain managed to keep us squeaking through the worst of normal summer droughtiness (that's compared to the brutal droughts of the last few summers.)

And the coolness makes me hopeful that we'll have a nice fall growing season ahead of us, whether for vegetables or garden plants.


  1. I do envy your ability to garden year round. After a hot and humid summer here in Nova Scotia, our weather has taken a distinctly cooler turn, for the better, of course. :) Perfect summer days this week.

  2. I do appreciate the cooler days to get back out in the garden to do some weeding and cleanup that has been waiting for me.


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