Thursday, September 17, 2009

Renovating a perennial garden

I put in a pollinator border next to the Nature Center (at the Botanical Garden where I work) about seven years ago. Needless to say, it's now in need of renovation and restoration. This photo is from better days.

A primary problem is a weedy Bermuda grass patch (brought in with some leaf mulch). Rudbeckia hirta and R. fulgida gone wild (although the finches are happy) is another issue. And the volunteer Solidago isn't a particularly desirable element.

So I've come to the conclusion that I need to have a renovation project (inspired by all of the participants in a Home Gardening Fundamentals class - 3/4 of whom are coping with overgrown landscapes).

My home garden is in need of some updates, too. I need my gardening companion (AKA my husband) back, now that his final book manuscript is about to be sent off. Hooray!

Our gardening assistant, Mocha, is not very helpful, alas, only providing moral support. But that's invaluable.


  1. I wish I could clone two of me...we need to get to work on taming The Susans! The over grown landscape is my specialty! I wish I was taking your class! gail

  2. Bermuda grass. It just won't go away, will it?

    My entire backyard is a muddy mess each winter. Sometime in October, as mud seems to gain over the grass, I give up and wood chip it for the dogs. Then, by late June, it's grass again. Bermuda grass. I only wish it would be a little less robust in the garden beds!

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