Monday, September 14, 2009

Slow gardening

I'm feeling awfully behind in my fall gardening at this point.

I 'should' have transplanted greens by now; my home-grown brussel sprouts and broccoli seedlings are languishing in pots. I keep catching a poor young opossum instead of the voracious woodchuck in my Havahart trap. This last time (I think it had pushed its way in, as I hadn't left it set), we provided water and food (dog kibble and fresh apple pieces) before it recovered enough to scamper off into the forest edge.

I managed to get out before dusk this evening , and sow a round of mixed wild kale, Tuscan kale, and some Oriental Spinach, and managed to water them in well.

If I can just keep enough water on those beds, maybe I'll have something to work with, after all. My flats of arugula and mustards look fine, but they're in partial shade in nice fluffy moisture-retentive potting mix.

It's been dreadfully dry in August and early September, so everything is looking wan (the gardener included!)

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