Friday, September 25, 2009

Public recycling, Part II

OK, I have great photos to post from the Garden Writers Association Plant Delights Nursery visit this morning (totally wonderful), and our visit to the JC Raulston Arboretum this afternoon, but I'm inspired by Russ's comments on yesterday's post to make my reply a post for today.

I'm glad to hear about your efforts, and I'm going home to try to encourage our community businesses to add recycling to their mix (my small city has curbside recycling, but the commercial waste disposal folks who service the food businesses apparently don't.)

Over 20 years ago, I remember talking to a college class about how aluminum can recycling was energy-efficient, yada, yada. We're kind of slow to get with the program.

And I'll look into the ClearStream Cleartainer, too. Sounds excellent.

Another concern to me is all the paper stuff that we generate at these meetings.

I've got a whole bagful of paper that I didn't ask for, as well as paperboard from various small packaging things that I've consumed (containing the coffee extras in the room, for example). I'd recycle this stuff at home, so why not while traveling? At least at this meeting, I drove, so I'm able to take things home to recycle.

I've brought along my stainless steel coffee cup, too, although I've been glad to see that the convention center is using ceramic cups, etc. And Panera Bread, the caterer for our breakfast this morning, minimized waste with paper packaging of breakfast 'sandwiches' although I think there were plastic plates for the pastries.

But, this evening, the barbeque dinner was on divided plastic plates with plastic water and drink cups. Yuck. The dinner was fine, but why can't we complete the cycle somehow?

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