Saturday, September 26, 2009

Native plants and natural gardening

I visited two great gardens this morning, one public and one private. This post is about the public one.

I first visited North Carolina Botanical Garden about 25 years ago. It was fabulous then (and I've been a member ever since). Their mission, promoting native plants of the Southeast, and being a conservation garden, is essential to preserving and restoring our native plant communities.

They provide a garden vision that I (and my gardening companion) have embraced: trying to create a sense of place in our garden that reflects our native plants and their habitats.

It was wonderful to return and see the Coastal Plain Habitat Garden in its fall glory. Based on a plant rescue, this habitat garden has been burned periodically, and is a wonderful reflection of what our coastal plain habitats are like, when relatively undisturbed by human activity.

The pitcher plant bog habitats, in new raised stone beds were spectacular.

The borders were lovely, too.


  1. Your blog is my 'field of dreams' I will come often and say lovely things.

  2. What beautiful gardens. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing and your blog is very pretty with lovely photos. I really like the little garden in the toolbox on the right column.

  4. Lisa~~You've done a great job of creating a garden that reflects native plants and habitat. This garden is going on my must visit list. Love the bog and pitcher plants...after all this rain we could have them growing someplace in the wayback! gail

  5. This is such a great garden -- if you get a chance to visit, please do!

    It's totally inspirational for Southeastern U.S. native plant gardeners, and NCBG is a model as a conservation garden.

  6. Lisa these photos are stunning- what a great job they are doing!!


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