Monday, November 3, 2008

Vibrant fall colors

The Eastern U.S. is fortunate to have deciduous temperate forests that display beautiful fall colors. From maples, hickories, oaks, sweetgums, black gums, sourwood, and poplars, with a myriad of other species, our deciduous trees put on a spectacular fall show.

An early morning walk found plenty to admire.

Sourwood in the Schoenike Arboretum

Fall color in Heritage Garden picnic area


  1. Your header photo is so beautiful. That sourwood sure is a deep red isn't it? I would love one in my garden. I hear they grow slowly. Need to find a spot soon.

  2. I never tire of that gorgeous autumn color. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful autumnal colours....enjoy them......I to am a nature lover and garden for wildlife....a pleasure to surf your blog......

  4. The fall colors seem absolutely spectacular this year!


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