Sunday, November 9, 2008

A global perspective

My blog isn't about politics or economics, it's about my garden, and natural gardening, and things I observe and feel passionately about. But I also like to reflect on what's important to me and what I'm thinking about. We live in a global community, without a doubt.

My gardening companion and I love exploring the natural world wherever we're able to visit, and there are many wonderful places on our planet. We've been fortunate to visit remarkable places over the decades that we've been able to travel.

So we felt a distinct affinity to an essay by Pico Iyer published in this week's Time magazine. Iyer is a wonderful (travel) writer, as is Paul Theroux, but his graceful reflection on what it means for America to turn outward, rather than inward, with our election of a new president, is something that we can celebrate.

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