Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cool geology

I'm afraid I never thought much about rocks and minerals before we had a Geology Museum as part of the Garden. I've had a vague sense of how rocks break down, to eventually create soil, etc. and equally vague notions of gneiss, metamorphic rock, igneous rock, quartz, feldspar, and the millions of years that it takes to create these rocks.

And the layers of rock that are formed -- I'm definitely looking at them with new interest.

But erosion happens in ecological time, and I've been fascinated with the deep eroded cut banks in our main Garden stream. It's an old stream, based on the meanders, based on what my friend and colleague Chris told us today in a Geology walk.

We explored an exceptionally interesting area, carved by water, and revealing an interesting history of layers of rock, and sediment and quartz sand washed down.

It's not on the 'beaten track' at all, but well worth finding.

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