Friday, November 28, 2008

'Recycling' fall leaves

The leaves are almost all down now, and many of our neighbors have raked (or blown) much of them to the edge of the street, for the City's leaf vacuum truck to collect.

My gardening companion already called to put dibs on one truckful (most of the rest are delivered to the Garden, where they're put to good use, too).

Oak, hickory, maple, dogwood, and birch leaves are a wonderful mulch and soil builder and we always wonder why people don't keep them in their yards! Needless to say, ours aren't going to the street; they replenish the soil beneath the trees that produced them.


  1. I frequently swipe bags of leaves from my neighbors curb side at this time of the year. Can't stand to see them hauled off to a landfill.

  2. Wasting leaves - outrageous!!!!!!!
    Hurrah for common sense.


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