Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ready for winter (light)

I'm so glad that we're finally beginning to think about winter vegetable gardening here in the Southern U.S. I just listened to a podcast this morning from BBC Gardens Illustrated, where Sarah Raven talked about how in the U.K., folks are growing more crops through the winter.

Uh, we get a LOT more light in the winter that British gardeners do -- why not take advantage of it? I put together a new cold frame today (it's a good thing I don't earn my living as a carpenter), but I'm thinking about coaxing some of the more tender winter greens through colder times.

I'm delighted that my English (garden) peas are flowering profusely now. I may actually be able to harvest some English peas this fall (I've already harvested about 10 peas -- whoopee!)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your pea feast!

  2. Oh, dear, it was hardly a feast, but I'm encouraged about next fall!


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