Seedsaving and garlic varieties

I was already familiar with some of the vendors at the Carolina Farm Stewardship's Sustainable Ag conference, but have had fun discovering new sources, and putting faces to some of the familiar names.

It was fun to meet some of the folks from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (I've received their catalogs and used some of their seeds for years).

They had a wonderful display of garlic varieties, along with some winter squash. I couldn't help it; I bought more seeds, garlic, and some multiplier potato onions. I want to run home and start planting. (And it's a beautiful day, too, much too nice to spend in the Civic Center...) But....

Another regular display promotes seed exchange between member seed savers. There were lots of jars of different kinds of interesting seeds, with seed envelopes to take small quantities to try in your farm or garden.


  1. Hi...thanks for the info on the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange....I wonder what Nashville has similar to this? gail

  2. Hi, Gail--
    I think that Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is focused on heirloom varieties throughout the South, and I'd think that Nashville would be similar growing conditions to the mts. and upper piedmont of NC and VA, so take a look at their site. The seed swap at the conference seemed to be a conference-based thing, with LOTS of seeds to share from different seedsavers attending.

  3. How cool that I took the time to make that link work! I think it's supposed to be: (you missed the ‘l’ at the end…anyway, that’s what worked for me.

    The cool part is, as I perused the site, The Thomas Jefferson Hour was playing on NPR!

    As usual...a delightful post. Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Beverly-- I fixed the SESE link -- it's a great organization.

    (And I appreciate the nice words, too!)


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