Friday, November 14, 2008

Maybe the last fall color?

Everyone is commenting on how beautiful our fall colors have been this year. We normally have very nice color, but this year is DEFINITELY beyond the usual.

The reds are vibrant, the golden colors are exceptional -- oh, dear, I've become really boring on this topic. But, the leaves are dropping fast now.

Today was one of four local photography days, organized by The Arts Center, and sponsored by the City of Clemson, to reflect what happens in our Upstate SC college town.

I took a few photos, on campus and in our own garden; the overcast skies made the colors.


  1. What absolutely gorgeous photos...all should be in frames, but I would *definitely* have the shot with your beautiful lawn chairs hanging on my wall! Spectacular!

  2. That looks just like Maryland did 2 weeks ago ... at least the part of Maryland I was in. I live in Florida now.

  3. Nature is also one of my favorites. You've given so many beautiful photos.


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