Friday, February 26, 2016

Spinach, beets, carrots, and arugula

I planted all of these (spinach, beets, carrots, and arugula) early in the week, just before the temperatures dipped again.  But it'll be warming up over the weekend, and it's time to sow seeds, even if it's a bit colder than "normal" -- whatever that passes for now.

I'm going to soak some sugar snap peas overnight, and sow them tomorrow, along with a variety of lettuce seeds, kales, and collards.

It's time.  It's late February.  Even with the extremes of a changing climate, gardeners will keep planting.  And even though it's a bit harder to predict which of the cool-season veggies might do the best this spring, I'll just plant a variety of things, and see.

This has been the third winter that I haven't had greens like kale, mustard, or arugula overwinter (the extreme lows took them out).  I wasn't using any season extension, which would have made a difference, I'm sure.
incredibly tasty and succulent carrots, although not impressive-looking!
In a program today, I was talking about how well a specific sort of carrot (Pusa Rudhira Red Carrot)
had done in my fall vegetable garden.  These were bred for the hotter, drier conditions of India, and absolutely flourished last fall.  I sowed them in August and harvested them in in November not expecting anything. Amazing.

A search of previous blog posts about carrots was interesting, too.  I've had reasonable success with shorter, small varieties like Thumbelina - and enjoyed them as well, apparently!

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